Goalkeeper Training Modules by Yusuf Ansari
Goalkeeper Training Modules by Yusuf Ansari

Goalkeeper Training Modules by Yusuf Ansari

For the first time, goalkeepers get a structured goalkeeper training program developed and delivered by one of the best goalkeeping coaches in the country, Yusuf Ansari.

After a successful Masterclass in Thane and Bandra, Yusuf Ansari and his team have come up with a structured training program for goalkeepers. Most of the clubs and academies across the country do not have a goalkeeping coach, which leaves a huge gap in goalkeeper-specific training. To fill this void, Yusuf Ansari and his team Harshad Mehta, Adil Ansari both national level goalkeepers and coaches will be conducting camps where they will train the players in specific modules.

Goalkeeper Training Thane

The program developed by Yusuf Ansari and his team is as follows:

MODULE ONE – Mastering the Basics
A six-session module that would be covered in two weeks. Coaches will pinpoint each player’s technical shortcomings and work on them extensively. This will be the first step in the training pathway for Goalkeepers.

MODULE TWO – Intermediate Training
After the first module, this will be the progression in the Goalkeeper training pathway. Once the players have mastered and worked on their basics, this nine-session (three weeks) module will work on advanced goalkeeper techniques.

MODULE THREE – Individual Mentorship
Once the players complete the first two modules, in the third module the coaches will design custom sessions to cater to the individual needs of the players. The coaches will also observe the goalkeeper’s performance in matches and giving critical feedback. This module will have nine sessions spread across three weeks.

MODULE FOUR – Experts Workshop
This two weeks, twelve sessions workshop would be for goalkeepers who are playing in top divisions. Goalkeepers from across the country can participate in this workshop where arrangements for accommodation, meals, local transport will be provided.

Yusuf Ansari

Thane City FC will be organising Module One from 9th August to 20th August (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) at Gawand Baug. The timings for the session would be from 4 pm onwards. Module One fee would be Rs. 2,500 per player. No Accommodation or Travel arrangements will be made for the participants.

For more information, please send a WhatsApp message “GOALKEEPER” to 8108 555525.

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