Thane City FC Sets Sights on an Exciting 2023-24 Season
Thane City FC Sets Sights on an Exciting 2023-24 Season

Thane City FC Sets Sights on an Exciting 2023-24 Season

Thane City FC Sets Sights on an Exciting Season with Emphasis on Youth Development and Girls’ Football

In the wake of their remarkable achievements in the previous season, Thane City FC is gearing up for an exhilarating 2023-24 campaign. With their eyes firmly set on defending the U13 title and a strong focus on promoting girls’ football, the club is poised to make a lasting impact on the local football scene. Led by Technical Director Agnelo Fernandes, Thane City FC is determined to continue their success while nurturing young talents and paving the way for a vibrant future.

The youth categories of U13, U15, and U17 Boys will be competing in the prestigious Thane Youth League, aiming to build on their impressive run from the previous season. The teams have displayed tremendous skill and determination, reaching the finals in all three categories last year. The players, under the guidance of dedicated coaches and the support of passionate fans, are eager to defend their U13 title and showcase their growth and development.

Agnelo Fernandes, the esteemed Technical Director of Thane City FC, expressed his excitement for the upcoming season, stating, “We had an outstanding season last year, and our aim is to build on that success. We want to provide a nurturing environment for young talents to thrive and develop their skills further. The emphasis on youth development is paramount, and we believe that investing in their growth will yield long-term benefits for the club and the players themselves.”

One notable highlight for the forthcoming season is Thane City FC’s commitment to promoting girls’ football. In a significant step towards gender inclusivity, the club will field teams in the U13, U15, and U17 Girls leagues. By actively encouraging girls’ participation and creating equal opportunities, Thane City FC aims to empower young female athletes and inspire a new generation of football enthusiasts. The club’s dedication to fostering talent in girls’ football signifies a progressive approach to the sport and a commitment to gender equality.

Additionally, a Thane City FC Under-21 team will be established to provide a transitional platform for talented young players as they make the leap into senior football. The U21 team will compete in the TFA’s 2nd Division, offering a valuable opportunity for the youth players to gain experience and showcase their abilities in a more challenging environment.

As Thane City FC embarks on the 2023-24 season, the club’s unwavering focus on youth development, coupled with their commitment to promoting girls’ football, sets them apart as a forward-thinking organization. With Agnelo Fernandes at the helm, the club’s technical expertise and dedication to nurturing young talent ensure an exciting journey lies ahead. Thane City FC’s determination to leave a lasting legacy in the Thane and Dombivali regions is poised to make a significant impact on the local football landscape and inspire a new generation of football stars.

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