Saints Conduct Webinar for TCFC Coaches and Parents
Saints Conduct Webinar for TCFC Coaches and Parents

Saints Conduct Webinar for TCFC Coaches and Parents

Southampton Football Club conducted two webinars last week as a part of the partnership, one with the coaches and the other with players and parents

In the first workshop with the coaches, Andy Martino (Football Development Manager and Academy Coach) spoke extensively on How to Develop Grassroots Players with our coaches. Having worked with Southampton FC for more than 20 years, Andy shared his experience with our coaches in an interactive and engaging presentation. Thane City FC coaches will continue to interact with experts from different Technical Departments of Southampton FC every month to gain a lot of valuable information and knowledge.

“It was a very informative session with Andy, and all the questions and doubts by the coaches were well addressed. It is amazing to have this opportunity to interact regularly with the staff at the Southampton Academy.” added coach Saurabh Shelke.

Thane City Football Club

On Sunday, Andy Martino and Nathan Kornick (Head Coach U10 Girls) interacted with our Parents and Players. The agenda of the webinar was to explain the SFC-TCFC partnership to parents and what it means to the players. Player Development pathways for both boys and girls were one of the main highlights. Apart from the Technical areas, the partnership with Southampton FC also gives players an opportunity to Study in Universities in the UK, explore Job Opportunities, Internships, etc.

“We were excited to know more information about this partnership and we all were pleasantly surprised to see that the scope of this deal goes beyond just the field sessions but also focuses on Education and Career guidance”, Pankaj Sharma (parent)

Southampton FC Partnership for Players

“We get thousands of emails everyday from players and coaches, which we cannot respond to. Having a partnership with Thane City FC open the doors to both players and staff to come and explore what we have to offer and get an opportunity to work, study and/or play in the UK”, Andy concluded.

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